Taliban shadow governor for Ghazni killed in airstrike

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2016 2:06 pm)


Taliban shadow governor for Ghazni province has been killed in an airstrike last night, Ministry of Interior of Afghanistan announced on Saturday.

In a statement released by the MoI said during an airstrike, four Taliban militants were killed including the Taliban so-called governor for Ghazni province named Mullah Qasim and two others were injured.
The airstrike took place in Payinda Khil village, Aab Band District of Ghazni province where several motorbikes and some amount of ammunitions destroyed as well, the statement added.
The government says the group was involved in many terrorist and destructive activiites in Ghazni province and its localities.

Taliban has not made a comment yet. 

Meanwhile MoI said, a suicide bomber was killed by Afghan National Police before he reach his target in Ghazni province,

No ANP and civilians were harmed, MoI added.

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