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‘Taliban Set Up Desert Courts in Kabul’s Qarabagh District’

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2018)

The Taliban have large presence and setting up desert courts in many villages of Qarabagh district in Kabul, a number of residents and security personnel told Ariana News on Saturday.

All the judiciary issues being regulated by the Taliban in these villages of the district, they said,  insisting that the government forces cannot even walk freely during the day time in most parts of the district.

In addition,  a video footage, circulating on social media since Friday night, showing four men and a woman being publicly trialed by the Taliban apparently over adultery charges in one of the villages in Kabul.

Following the matter, Ariana News reporter Bais Hayat who visited Qarabagh district today morning was told that the individuals were freed by the Taliban after the trial.

The district governor Mohammad Azim confirmed the activities of the Taliban in Qarabagh, but he said their presence is not in large numbers. “Small groups of two to three-member are active and mostly being involved in mine planting activities in the district,” he said.

Qarabagh district is located about 50 kilometers north of Kabul City, and 20 kilometers southeast of Bagram Airbase. The district is on the route between Kabul and Parwan Province. 

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