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Taliban Seize Outpost in Farah, Killing Nine Afghan Soldiers

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2018)

At least nine Afghan security forces were killed in the western province of Farah after the Taliban attacked an outpost in the province on Saturday night, officials said.

Khair Mohammad Noorzaie, Farah provincial council member said that the Taliban stormed the outpost of the Afghan forces in “Abkhurma” area in Balablok district of the province.

The official added that at least nine Afghan security forces were killed after the Taliban captured the outpost.

The provincial security officials did not comment regarding the incident so far.

In recent months, the Taliban have increased the scale of attacks in Farah province – located in the western part of the country next to Iran.

Farah is among the insecure provinces in the western parts of Afghanistan where the insurgent groups including Taliban are operating in its number of districts and often carrying attacks against the pro-government forces.

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