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Taliban says “no contact” yet with Pakistan over peace talks

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2016)


The armed Taliban group has said that they have had “no contact” with the Pakistani government over Peace Talks process as previously Pakistani officials claimed to send invitation for all opposition groups.

As the latest four-nation talks on Afghan peace process called on Taliban to join a peace dialogue expected to begin early next month, the militant group said its political office was unaware of the issue.

The Islamist militant group split up after the death of its long-time leader Mullah Omar. Talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government began in Pakistan July 2015 but were suspended over the news that the elusive Taliban leader died back in 2013.

Meanwhile, Afghan analysts are said to believe that if the Pakistani government does not preclude, Taliban representative would attend the negotiation table in March.

“It is Pakistan’s responsibility to contact with Taliban group. Without prevention of Pakistan, we will witness Taliban’s presence in Peace Talks,” said Nasratullah Istanikzai, teacher of university.

However, Afghanistan Presidential Palace once again emphasizes that the government will never reconcile with any groups that do not accept the country’s constitution.

“Afghanistan’s position is clear and it means that the opposition groups leave violence and come to negotiate under the constitution of the country.

Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and other Afghan leaders have repeatedly offered peace talks with the Taliban over the past years. However, the insurgent group has categorically rejected the offer, saying there will be no talks until all foreign troops leave the country, a condition unacceptable to Kabul.

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