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Taliban (S) Poppet for ISI: Senate House

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2014)

Senate members

Senators in the upper house of the parliament have said,” Taliban are the poppet of Pakistan inter-Intelligent Services ISI targeting human beings, and holy places without any clue of Islam in Afghanistan.”

A number of the members in the senate house of the parliament have expressed their concerns over spreading of insecurity in the country; they have demanded the Government to adopt new policy in place to avoid such bloody attacks,

They have also asked the Government to find its best position and stance against Pakistan with the clear policy and strategy.

The wrong and soft policy of the Afghan Government towards Taliban and its supporters has caused Afghan Nation to pay the prices said Muhuddin Munsif the member of the upper house.

Ali Akbar Jamshidi the Wolesi Jirga member also demanded the Ulema Assemble, religious mullahs and ethic scholars not sit quite.

Members of the wolesi Jirga have condemned the terrorist attacks launched by Taliban for the past several days in Kabul and other provinces of the country and declared against Islam.

This comes after Kabul city has been experiencing blooding terrorist attacks for the past several days, the most recent attack took place in Karti say area of Kabul city where 3 suicide attackers were gunned down by the police forces and two aid workers one Afghan and one International were killed by the explosions late Saturday evening.

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