Taliban Retreats from Farah City Following Hours of Furious Battle

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2018)

The Afghan military forces drove the Taliban back to the outskirts of Farah City on Monday, after hours of furious battle to prevent the insurgents from seizing control of the western provincial capital.

The Taliban attacked the city from different directions on Sunday night, reportedly killing dozens of local policemen.

“The battle began at night, we did not have a high number of casualties in PD4, the number was two or three. We have enough reinforcements,” said Afghan Army Chief of Staff Mohammad Sharif Yaftali.

According to the provincial governor’s Spokesman Naser Mehri, additional troops are expected to reach the city, following the attack.

Some military analysts, meanwhile, said that lack of war management and coordination between the security forces have led the Taliban to overrun the regions.

In addition, the military analysts blamed Iran for the battle in Farah, saying the country is funding the militants to disrupt the construction process of water dams in the province.

“Water dams including Bakhshabad dam have been one of the main reason behind the unrest in the province,” said Mohammad Agul Mujahid, a Kabul based military analyst.

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