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Taliban Released 3 Afghan Police Officers in Jawzjan

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)

Taliban forces freed three Afghan Police officers that were captured during an assault in Sheberghan-Mazar highway two weeks ago, local officials said.

The armed Taliban group stormed a police checkpoint in Chakosh village of Aqcha district of Jawzjan province, abducted four police officers and seized all the equipment of the checkpoint.

The governor of Jawzjan, Lotfullah Azizi has declared that one of the captured Afghan police officers was involved in coordinating with Taliban to attack and collapse the checkpoint.

“Taliban released three police officers, but the fourth one who was in contact with them in the past now activates in the Taliban ranks against the government,” Azizi said.

Azizi further added the three police officers were freed from the captivity of Taliban by the mediation of tribal elders.

In the meantime, the released police officers refused to give an interview with the Ariananews reporter.

This comes as Taliban spokesman has claimed that the freed police officers committed to not work in Afghan security forces’ ranks anymore.

The spokesman also noted the fourth officer who has been considered as the Taliban’s influential member did not have any contact with the group in the past.

Reporter: Farida Amini

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