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Taliban Uses Drone To Film Suicide Attack In Helmand

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2016)

talibanTaliban have released drone footage showing a suicide bomber driving a Humvee vehicle-laden with explosives devices into a police HQ in southern Helmand province and blowing it up.

The 23 minutes long video was released on Saturday in Taliban’s website and was confirmed as authentic by the local government.

A statement released by the Helmand governor media office said the insurgents who have experienced heavy causalities by the Afghan forces now want to  prove their betrayals to their foreign masters by releasing these footages.

It further confirms that the attack was performed over Nawa district police headquarter and was filmed by a drone camera with the support of the foreign intelligence.

The video begins with the purported suicide bomber speaking in front of the Humvee, a vehicle provided to the Afghan security forces by the US government. Later a drone-mounted camera films the Humvee speeding towards a compound facing no resistance and detonating it in front of a large building.

According to the reports the attack was happened in October 3, when Taliban militants overrun much of Nawa district.

In, June the Afghan government banned media from using camera drones near sensitive government sites due to the security issues.

By: Hesamuddin Hesam

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