Taliban Punish Customers of ‘Salaam Telecom Company’ in Balkh

(Last Updated On: July 30, 2019)

A number of the Balkh citizens say that the Taliban group are punishing and fining the people who use SIM-card of the Salaam telecommunication in Balkh province.

Ebadullah, an elder in the Dawlatabad district of Balkh province, says that the Taliban insurgents took eighth people away from the district’s route for in charges of using the SIM-card of Salaam network.

This comes as the telecommunication companies’ activities in Balkh province are stopped for ten days and only the Salaam Telecommunication Company is active; however, only this company is not sufficient for the people.

Moreover, a group of the Balkh Provincial Council members accuses the central government of being inattentive in terms of solving the telecommunication networks’ problems in their province.

The Chief of Balkh Provincial Council asks the central government to activate the services of telecommunication companies in Balkh for 24 hours.

The local officials and the Taliban group has not made any comment on this yet.

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