Taliban Offers Kunduz Governor to Jointly Suppress IS Group

(Last Updated On: March 02, 2017 7:20 pm)

KUNDOZ 02__03__2017__DARI __SOT.mpg_snapshot_00.43_[2017.03.02_19.19.13]A number of Taliban fighters has proposed the governor of Kunduz province to jointly suppress the Islamic State (IS)-Daesh group, the governor said.

The governor of Kunduz says this Taliban’s decision arose from their internal differences.

“The Taliban group told us to reduce the level of operations on us because the Daesh group has significantly influenced in Kunduz; Now we are ready for peace,” said Asadullah Amar Khail, Kunduz governor.

However, sources told Ariananews reporter that Pakistan begins negotiation with the Taliban group to allow IS group to enter Middle Asia from Kunduz province.

The armed Taliban group has deep differences with IS group in Kunduz, but part of the Daesh group is considered the Taliban’s splinter group.

Reports suggest that Moscow military and financially support Taliban in Kunduz to prevent IS activities and reduce threats to the Middle Asia.


By ZackArya and Baees Hayat

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