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Taliban Militants Burn Down Civilian Houses in Northern Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: October 25, 2017)

The Taliban militant group has burned civilian houses in Mirzaolang village in Sare-pul province to take revenge of losing the area, provincial officials said Wednesday.

In addition, they have cut the trees of the village and have sold in the open market. 

According to the inhabitants of Mirzaolang, the village has turned into a ruined place after three days of plundering by Taliban group.

Provincial Council Member, Asadullah Khoram, claims that the insurgents group has done so to prevent return of the villagers to their homes.

“[The Taliban] has torched people’s houses, they are destroying the houses and cutting the trees. The situation is continuing in the province right now,” Khoram said.

Local officials also confirm that the Taliban group has burned down civilian houses in the valley during the last three days. 

“Unfortunately, we have no access to Mirzaolang and according to the reports from our intelligence and detective forces, the anti-government armed groups have set fire most of the civilians houses,” Provincial governor spokesman Zabihullah Amani said.

Reports suggest that hundreds of people, including women and children, have fled the recent wave of violence fueled by Taliban and Daesh in Sar-e pul districts.

The report comes as the village of Mirzaolang for the first time captured by a joint operation between Taliban and Islamic State (IS) insurgents in Sar-e Pul province. The Taliban has denied killing civilians but has stated its fighters killed nearly 30 members of a government-supported militia in the area.

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