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Taliban Main Infringers of Human Rights Law: IHRC

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(Last Updated On: September 27, 2016)

6The recorded documents for the past 14 years on civilian causalities indicate that Taliban are the main infringers of the Human rights law in Afghanistan and the numbers of the causalities is big catastrophic officials in Independent Human rights commission in Afghanistan said, claiming that most of the civilians were the victims of the Taliban attacks.

Taliban have entered into Kabul the capital city of Afghanistan on 1996 and run their Governmental called “ Da Afghanistan the Islami Emarat” for 5 years, while they were on power they have only had relations and ties with few Governments specially with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, in the long run after the World business twin Towers in United States on 9,11, 2001, US air forces have began pounding Taliban shelters in Afghanistan and they were made to leave the power for the a collation then to transition Government, since that Taliban have been engaging with Afghan security forces in different parts of the country.

Officials in Independent Human right commission in Afghanistan have stated that from 2009 up to 2014 40 thousand civilians whom were killed by Taliban have been recorded.

The number of the causalities from the beginning of Taliban Government up to 2014 reached up to 270,000 during the National Unity Government it increased up to 30,000 persons, while UNAMA causality numbers from 2009 up to 2014 reaches up to 22940 persons.

But the US congress Investigation services has released the number of the civilian causalities from 2001 up to 2016 more to 310,00 persons.

Independent Human rights commission in Afghanistan commissioner Latifa Sultani said,” Independent Human rights commission in Afghanistan has collected the 400,00 civilians have been killed by Taliban from 2009 up to now which is a shocking number and counted as one of the human rights law violating acts.”

Meanwhile Mp Kamal Safi said,” If Taliban believe in killing, launching suicide attacks or to drop the bloods could reach to power then they are making a big mistake.”

After 5 years of power Taliban were defeated by the International community and former President Hamid Karzai came into power, for the first time Mr. Karzai has entered into the political society with anti-Taliban views in the long run the former President Hamid Karzia’s views was changed towards Taliban and USA during the interviews it was revealed.

President Karzai replied to CNN correspondent said,” that I m a puppet, Americans have helped Afghanistan tremendously, the American people have feeling for Afghanistan for which we are very grateful, the US administration have helped Afghanistan, if we are called puppets or if I m called puppet that’s we are grateful to America then be it, let that be my nick name.”

After a while when he was interviewed with BBC Persian correspondent he replied and said,” that where do the Taliban come from?, Taliban are Afghans, If they are Afghans and if Afghan security forces take the control of a place we are also Afghans then in that case if we take the control of a place why do we hold such right, if we are Afghans who does an Afghan say to other Afghan you can’t take the control of a place.”

The recent remarks of the former President Hamid Karzia somehow indicate supports for Taliban which has provoked the harsh reactions of the senate members.

Senator Mohamamd Asif Sediqee said,” the recent remarks of former President indicates supports for Taliban, whom were the slaughters of the Afghan security forces during his presidency, this should be taken into consideration seriously.”

“The recent pose of the former President Hamid Karzia somehow indicates supports for Taliban which is irresponsibility and illogical statements Senator Sami Faisal said”.

Hamid Karzai has been criticized by the politicians and was accused for supporting Taliban, releasing of Taliban from Bagram prison and calling Taliban brother direct the minds of everyone closer to Taliban supporter.

Reported by Ali Asghari


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We are committed to assisting Afghan forces as long as needed: NATO SCR

Ariana News



(Last Updated On: July 13, 2020)

Stefano Pontecorvo, the Senior Civilian Representative of NATO to Afghanistan said that foreign troops would continue assisting the Afghan forces “as long as needed”.

In an exclusive interview with Ariana News, Stefano Pontecorvo said that the decision in this regard would be made by the Afghan government.

Pontecorvo added that the Taliban’s high level of violence is unacceptable, noting that the government’s concerns about not releasing the remaining Taliban prisoners are legitimate.

Given the stalemate over the release of prisoners, he called on both laterals to show flexibility in achieving peace. He also legitimizes the Afghan government’s concern about the remaining Taliban prisoners.

“Although the prisoner release is slowly proceeding, we would like to see this stepped up a bit, but there are issues which are real issues on the side of the government on releasing the remaining number of prisoners. We call for flexibility from all sides,” NATO SCR Stefano Pontecorvo told Ariana News.

This high-ranking NATO civilian official considers it important to build internal consensus at the leadership level to achieve peace. He says the countries of the region and the world have agreed on a general consensus in this regard. He also says that the presence of the forces of NATO in Afghanistan will be at the request of the Afghan government.

“We don’t want to stay here forever, but we are committed to assisting for as long as we need to be here, and that will be decided by the Afghan government.”

Meanwhile, NATO Envoy called on the Taliban to remain committed and credible in achieving peace.

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Taliban attacks kill 19 Afghan forces in Kunduz, Badakhshan provinces

Ariana News



(Last Updated On: July 13, 2020)

The Taliban militants attacked security base and outposts in Kunduz and Badakhshan provinces on Sunday night, killing at least 19 Afghan forces.

Mohammad Yousuf Ayoubi, head of Kunduz provincial council told Ariana News that the insurgents stormed a base of Afghan forces in Imam Sahib district of Kunduz province on Sunday night.

Ayoubi said, at least six army soldiers and six policemen were killed and seven policemen were wounded after several hours of clashes with the Taliban fighters.

According to him, the base fell to the hands of the Taliban for a short period and they fled and seized the equipment of the base after back-up troops arrived in the area.

Local officials, however, confirmed the incident but did not provide details about the casualties. 

In a separate incident, the Afghan forces came under attack in the Arghanchkhah district of Badakhshan province.

The attack resulted in the death of seven Afghan forces, Nek Mohammad Nazari, a spokesman for Badakhshan governor confirmed. 

The incident happened at around 11 p.m. Sunday and lasted for three hours, Nazari said, adding that at least five Taliban militants were also killed in shoot exchange.

In southern Kandahar, at least 11 Taliban insurgents were killed in the counterattack of the Afghan forces in the Shorabak district of the province.

Jamal Nasir, a provincial police spokesperson told Ariana News that five insurgents were wounded and their attack was pushed back.

Nasir noted that no casualty was imposed on the Afghan forces.

The Taliban militants yet to comment about the incidents. 

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Dozens killed, wounded as Taliban attack NDS office – Samangan

Ariana News



(Last Updated On: July 13, 2020)

Taliban militants attacked the office of the Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS) in Aybak city, the capital of Samangan province, killing 11 people and wounding 70 more, local officials confirmed.

The officials said that a suicide attacker detonated an explosive-laden vehicle at the entrance gate of the NDS office at around 10:50 on Monday.

Following the blast three assailants engaged in fighting with the Afghan forces

The Taliban militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The group in a statement claimed that dozens of the NDS employees were killed or wounded in the incident.

The attack comes as the group signed an agreement with the US in Qatar, pledging not to carry out attacks the Afghan forces in the big cities of the provinces.

Meanwhile, President Ghani condemned the attack and called it “Criminal, anti-human and terrorist act”.

Ghani added that the Taliban attack meant to insist on conflict and continue violence.

“ President Ghani called on the Taliban to stop fighting and killing Afghans and accept the call for peace of the government and people of Afghanistan and the international community to end the war and establish peace. 

He added that escalating violence and war would undermine progress in the peace process.

“Today’s Samangan attack killing & injuring civilians is absolutely unjustifiable. Taliban’s insistence on continuous violence is jeopardizing the unique opportunity for peace. I call on TB to cease bloodshed & engage constructively at the negotiating table, “said Stefano Pontecorvo, the NATO Senior Civilian Representative to Afghanistan.

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