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Taliban Kills Nine ALP in Takhar

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2019)

At least nine Afghan Local Police (ALP) were killed and six others injured in a Taliban attack in Baghlan province, a local official said on Thursday.

Shamsulhaq Barakzai, a member of Baghlan provincial council told Ariana News that the incident happened late on Wednesday night when the Taliban fighters stormed on an ALP outpost in Hussian Khail area of the province.

Meanwhile, a Taliban spokesman claimed that the group’s militants have killed 30 pro-government forces and wounded five others in the area. Taliban accepts that two of their militants were also killed in the attack.

Afghan security officials have not made a comment about the report yet.

Baghlan is among the volatile provinces in the north of Afghanistan where the anti-government insurgent groups have a huge presence.

In a separate incident, the Taliban militants have killed seven Afghan security forces and injured six others in Khwaja Ghar district of Takhar province.

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