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Taliban Key Commander Arrested in Jawzjan Province, Local Officials

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2017)

A key commander of the Taliban militant group was arrested today in Sheberghan, the Capital City of Jawzjan province, the local officials reported.

The militant commander named Alaudin known as Badr was reportedly involved in plotting of most terroristic attacks along Shebirghan- Faryab and Shebirghan-Darzaab highways.

According to Abdul Samad Rahmani, the deputy commander of Sheberghan Garrison, the arrested individual is one of Taliban’s key commanders and detained after his arrival was reported by the intelligence agents.

However, the militant commander claimed cooperating with the government and said that he was working with Taliban since 4 years ago. He further said that he was reporting any offensive of the militant group before the commencement to the Afghan government.

From the other hand, Sheberghan residents are criticizing the local government over releasing Taliban’s detained commanders without punishment.

Another commander of the militant group was also arrested around three days ago named Mohammad Hussain and known as Fedaie in the northern Jawzjan province.

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