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Taliban Insurgents Capture 20 Villages in Baghlan

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2019)

The Taliban insurgents occupied the Yaram Olia area, which has over 20 villages, of the Jolga district in Baghlan province without any clashes on Monday.

Mohamad Sarwar Akbari, district governor of the Jolga district, confirms the fall of the area by the Taliban and stresses that more forces from the central Baghlan are needed in addition to the district’s police to jointly prevent the Taliban’s progress in the district.

He says that the clashes between the Taliban and police soldiers are going on in the Poza-e-Kamar area of the Jolga district.

The Taliban insurgents’ goal is to capture the government offices in the district, the local sources say.

Meanwhile, the local residents say that if the Jolga district falls by the Taliban the roadway of three districts of Khost, Frang, and Gozargah will be blocked to the center of Baghlan.

At the same time, the security, defensive and public uprising forces have cleaned over 10 villages in the Khanjan district from the armed Taliban insurgents.

Ahmad Jawid Besharat, the Spokesperson of Baghlan Police, says that the clashes broke out while the Taliban insurgents attacked ‘Dara-e-Walian’ area and faced resistance by the Afghan forces.

He added the militants have fled the area as the security forces pushed back the Taliban.

During the clashes a woman and a child have been wounded, said Ghulam Sediq Baheen, the district governor of Ghenjan district.

In a separate incident, the Taliban militants set ablaze two oil-tanks truck at Cheshma-e-Sheer area in Puli Khumri district of Baghlan province on Monday.

The militants fled the area after the security forces arrived in the attack scene.

Besharat said that the highway remains closed until the area is cleared up from the insurgents.

This comes as the Taliban group claimed the responsibility for blazing the two oil-tank trucks.

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