Taliban ‘Insults, Humiliates’ Peace Marchers in Baghlan

(Last Updated On: August 31, 2018)

In the wake of a wave of peace movements and cross-country convoys to propagate nonviolence in war-torn Afghanistan, People’s Peace Movement activists on Friday said that they have been insulted and humiliated by the Taliban in northern Baghlan province.

A Spokesman of the People’s Peace Movement Bismillah Watandost told Ariana News that the Taliban have humiliated the members of the convoy and called them as “executors of the U.S. plans” in Afghanistan.

He said the reason that Afghanistan is not reaching to lasting peace is people’s silent approach towards the relevant issues.

The original members of the peace movement launched a sit-in protest in Lashkargah city, the provincial capital of southern Helmand province in March after a deadly car bomb attack outside a sports stadium in the city.

 Since then the convoy has traveled to many provinces across the country carrying a message of peace in a bid to end 17-year-old violence in their war-weary country.

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