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Taliban identify passengers through biometric in Chashmashir

(Last Updated On: May 21, 2016)



Scores of Baghlan provincial council members have stated that Taliban identify passengers who are working for the Governmental and none Governmental offices through bio metric, they conduct identifying passengers operations either early in the morning or late in the evening in Chashmashir close to Baghlan province.

Meanwhile officials in Ministry of Defense have urged that Taliban don’t have access to bio metric system and they are not capable of to do so, it’s only an exaggeration.

Baghlan provincial council member Mohammad Zarif Zarif said,” Taliban stop the passengers buses, they select the passengers scan their eyes and fingers through bio metric, warning if no one pays attention to Baghlan security condition, it fall in the hands of insurgents.”

After Taliban were defeated from Baghlan, they have returned to the province and have control of 7 villages and 2 important military bases of local police and Afghan National Army, if Afghan security forces once again doesn’t react, it will make the situation difficult to defeat Taliban in the future in Baghlan.

Mp Muhuddin Mahdi said,” If Afghanistan Government doesn’t help Bahglan security situation to be improved, it will be harder for the Afghan security forces to tackle the issues in the future.”

Officials in Ministry of Defense have reported that clearance operations began in Baghlan, saying Taliban trying to jeopardize the minds of Nation through the exaggerations.

Ministry Defense Deputy Spokesman Mohammad Radmanish said,” Taliban come on the street once and trying to show off that they are having biometric system in hands, they don’t have access to and they aren’t capable to use that system.”

Days before this report 80 Afghan security forces were trapped in military base in Surkhkotal area for 7 days by insurgents.

Reported by Ahmad Farshad Saleh

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