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Taliban Have Become Militias Loyal to Pakistan, Iran and Russia: Muslimyar

(Last Updated On: May 15, 2018)

Fazel Hadi Muslimyar the Upper House of Parliament Speaker on Tuesday said that the Taliban insurgent group have changed to militias loyal to Pakistan, Iran, and Russia.

“Today, those Taliban who are fighting in Farah province are not only loyal to Pakistan,” Muslimyar said. “Taliban have changed to militias loyal to Pakistan, Iran, and Russia.”

In addition, he praised Afghan forces for standing against the insurgents across the country.

Meanwhile, senators in the House expressed their concerns regarding the increased insecurities across the country and blamed the government for mismanagement and incompetence.

“People are afraid. I hope the central government deploy commando and air forces to Farah in order to save the province,” Senator Gul Ahmad Azami said.

“Pakistan is supporting both Taliban and Daesh. They are slaves of Pakistan. They are only killing Afghans,” Senator Lutfullah Baba added.

These comments come at a time as heavy fighting was underway in the western Farah province.

The Taliban insurgents launched a major offensive overnight to capture the provincial capital, but the Afghan forces have resisted so far.

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