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Taliban Has Shown No Green Light for Intra-Afghan Dialogue: VP Danish

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2019)

Afghanistan’s Second Vice President Sarwar Danish on Wednesday said that the Taliban insurgent group has not shown any green light for the intra-Afghan dialogue yet.

“The Taliban group is not ready to engage in direct talks with the government yet. In this situation, the government, the people, and the Afghan National and Defense Forces have no option, except to defend from the independence, national sovereignty, and the people of Afghanistan,” VP Danish said.

Speaking at the International Symposium on Imam Abu Hanifa in Kabul, VP Danish asked the Taliban if the killing of Muslims is allowed in the school of Imam Azam.

“If Taliban are calling themselves the followers of Imam Abu Hanifa, they should answer the question of where the Imam Abu Hanifa has allowed the killing of a Muslim or destruction of public assets,” he asked.

He emphasized that the extremist groups, who are fighting under the name of Islam against Muslims, are far away from the teachings of Imam Azam.

Hundreds of religious scholars from 15 Muslim nations were gathered at the International Symposium on Imam Abu Hanifa in Kabul today to commemorate the teachings and services of Imam Abu Hanifa.

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