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Taliban hanged tribal elder in Public

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2015)


Taliban kidnapped and hanged a tribal elder in public in southern Urozgan province of Afghanistan, a local official on Wednesday said.

“Tribal elder Malik Hajji Abbas was kidnapped by Taliban militants early today around 6:00 am in Shahidan area and then he was hanged in public around 9:00 am,” Khas Urozgan district governor Abdul Karim Karimi said.

“Police started investigations to find Hajji Abbas, but Taliban hanged Hajji Abbas before police could reach him,” Karimi added.

Hajji Abbas was a tribal elder representing his people in the local council and did not have an official position in the government, He added.

Taliban has not made a comment about the incident, but heavy clashes were going on between Afghan security forces and Taliban fighters in the district.

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