Taliban ‘Forcibly’ Collects Usher in Ghazni: Local Officials

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2017)

The Taliban insurgents have been forcing the residents into paying them usher in Ghazni province, informing mainly, traders and shopkeepers through letters, local officials said Saturday.

The militants collect usher and Zakat from the people since last two years in Ghazni City and some insecure remote districts of the province.

The Provincial Deh Yak District’s Police Chief, Faiz Mohammad Tofan confirmed the report and said: “The Taliban even collecting usher in Ghazni City, and the people are obliged to pay them, otherwise beheading them.”

Some traders who are paying usher to the Taliban told Ariana News on condition of anonymity that they are not safe and therefore paying the Taliban cash and even motorcycles.

The Provincial Governor also confirmed some of the issues and said: “[The Taliban] forcibly collects money and food,” and the residents in order to ensure their safety, they have to pay them.  

Earlier, Ariana News found that the Taliban was collecting the bills of electricity in under control areas of northern Kunduz province. 

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