Taliban continuously destroy Electricity towers in Baghlan

(Last Updated On: February 1, 2016)


Officials in Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkit DABS have said Taliban have continued destroying of electricity towers in controlled areas of Baghlan Province, they have destroyed 3 towers so far and Afghan security forces couldn’t prevent them.

They have also mentioned that Afghan security forces couldn’t secure those areas where the power towers were destroyed by Taliban.

One of the residents of Kabul said,” the Government so poor and incapable to repair one electricity tower this will cause more people to lose their trusts.”

Head of Programming of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkit Waheedullah Tauhidi said,” DABS doesn’t have enemies, but there are some in Taliban control areas who are trying to damage the following company.”

He has also urged that Afghanistan security forces whom were deployed to Dandi Ghori district of Baghlan to clear that area from the Terrorist’s presence couldn’t gain that ground where Taliban have destroyed 3 electricity towers.

Mp Habiba Danish said,”if we have good quality forces now we won’t face such problems within the capital city.”

Kabul has been out of electricity for someday since Taliban have destroyed 3 electricity towers in Dandi Ghori district of Baghlan Province.

Head of the power department in Baghlan Ghulam Hussien Haidar told to Ariana News that due to insecurity in the areas, we couldn’t even go to the fields to fix the problems, saying if the Government doesn’t clear Dandi Shahbuddin area out Terrorists presence we will not stay safe.


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