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Taliban Closes Over 20 Schools in Paktia

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2018)

The Taliban has closed 22 schools in eastern Paktia province of Afghanistan, local residents said on Tuesday.

Mohammad Rahman Qaderi, a member Paktia provincial council said the Taliban has shut down the schools in Ahmad Abad and Sayed Karam districts of the province.

According to the Qaderi, the Taliban warned that these schools will remain closed unless the government constructs new buildings for the schools.

“We urge [the government] to build schools. The children are setting in schools with broken doors and windows, it is an issue,” a tribal elder in the province said.

Abdullah Hasrat, the provincial governor’s spokesman, however, said that they have not received reports in this regard, adding that the government will construct buildings for some of the schools in the province.

This comes as, since last two years, 14 girls schools have been closed in Zurmat district of the province which according to local officials, efforts are underway to open the schools with the mediation of tribal elders.

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