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Taliban Checkpoints In Suburbs of Mehtarlam City of Laghman

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2017)

101214_taliban_checkpoint_ap_605Afghan local police say the armed Taliban group has checkpoints in close distance of them in Mehtarlam city of Laghman province.

They claim Taliban fighters cannot launch selling to the headquarters of Laghman province, but have their existence in their checkpoints.

One of the local police on condition anonymity said, “Yes, Taliban has its checkpoints. They do not stop the motorcyclists but stop and investigate those who have vehicle.”

Another police, Pohanullah said, “Taliban’s checkpoints are at a distance of 50 meters and have lasting checkpoints.”

Laghman police say the armed Taliban group launched shelling to police headquarters but after Afghan forces night operations they escaped from the city.

Police commander, Asadullah Shirzad said, “We have launched six clearing operations from Mehtarlam city. Taliban’s attacks are more on Police because they are in highways.”

Previously, the lack of coordination among security forces ranks and weakness in management and leadership caused security threats increase in Laghman province.

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