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Taliban Can Move ‘Freely’ Until the End of Govt’s Ceasefire: MoD

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2018)

The Defense Ministry says the unarmed Taliban members can move freely in the government controlled areas until the end of the 10-day ceasefire.

Five days left until the end of the government’s ceasefire with the Taliban; the Defense Ministry’s Deputy Spokesman Mohammad Radmanish on Thursday said the unarmed Taliban can enter the cities freely  and that they will face the response of the government security forces if they were found posing threats.

Two days earlier, the Defense Ministry said that during the  Taliban three-day ceasefire as many as 2,500 Taliban members have entered capital Kabul, insisted that around half of them have stayed in the city.

Expressing concerns in this regard, some Kabul residents urged the government to do not allow the Taliban to enter the cites.

In addition,  during the government’s ongoing unilateral ceasefire, the Taliban have killed dozens of the Afghan security forces. Recently, the militant group have attacked an outpost in northern Faryab province, killing at least 10 government forces and injuring a dozen others.

“We hold the ceasefire but they [the Taliban] have misused it and targeted our the security forces in some provinces,” Radmanish said.

This comes two days after President Ashraf Ghani said that he will extend ceasefire with the Taliban by one year if the Taliban responds positively to the 10-day truce announced by Kabul on Sunday. 

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