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Taliban Bury Afghan Security Forces’ Corpses Without Washing, Shrouding & Prayer

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2017)

The Corpses of Afghan security forces remain on the battlefields for days and the Taliban militants bury them without washing (Ghusl), shrouding and prayer, claimed Afghan forces in the Urozgan province.

Afghan security forces said that no funeral prayer takes place for the martyred Afghan forces and the government has not provided any facilities and assistance for transferring the dead bodies.

“There is no help, the corpses remain on the battlegrounds for days and Taliban bury them without washing, shrouding, and prayer,” said Abdul Razaq, one of the Afghan Police officers in Urozgan province.

Sayeed Noor, another soldier said, “None of the religious scholars have the right to pray for the corpses of Afghan security forces.”

The Taliban group attacks on Afghan security checkpoints in groups and Afghan forces are the victims of the battlefields due to the lack of backup, arms and weapons.

“Taliban militants even kill the injured soldiers. We do not have any backup and enough weapons,” added Abdullah, another Afghan soldier.

However, the Urozgan Police commander, Rahmatullah Sidiqi rejected the claims of Afghan forces.

Sidiqi said, “Our soldiers do not have the needed literacy. We transfer the corpses and injured soldiers on time.”

Urozgan is one of the insecure provinces of Afghanistan which Taliban have an active presence in the province.

Reported by: Baes Hayat

Edited by Muhammad Zackarya

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