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Taliban brings down electricity tower in Baghlan

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2016)


After Afghan security forces have exerted pressures on Taliban in Baghlan Province, they have brought down one of the electricity towers in Dand-i-Shabuddin area of Baghlan province officials in Breshna power providing company said.

Spokesman of Breshna company Wahedullah Tauhidi said,” Kabul residents will remain without sufficient electricity,saying the imported power was 280 mega watts which could resolve the majority of power shortages in Kabul city.”

He has stated that the following issue has been disseminated with Security Council and after the clearance of Taliban the following electricity tower will be repaired and power will light up Kabul again.

Officials in Breshna Sherkat demanded the Kabul residents to have patient, and do not over load the backup electricity it’s only for lighting your houses.

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