Taliban Besieges 80 Afghan Forces in Urozgan

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2019)

At least 80 Afghan security forces are under Taliban siege in southern Urozgan province of Afghanistan since several days, the provincial governor told Ariana News.

Provincial governor Mohammad Shafiq Asadullah Saeed that Taliban militants launched a huge attack over Gizab district about 10 days ago.

He further said the insurgent group has gathered its fighters from several province, planning to overrun the district.

“Around eighty soldiers are under siege since five days,” governor Saeed said.

However, he said commando forces have arrived at the province to break the siege.

According to the provincial governor, the insurgent group is making all its efforts to change Urozgan province as their stronghold.

“80 percent of Taliban’s leadership members including Mullah Omar, Mullah Baradar and many more, are from Uruzgan province,” the Afghan official said.

Approximately, Taliban controls 20 percent of the province and militants of the group are usually conducting attacks against Afghan forces in the remaining areas.

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