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Taliban Benefits 100,000 $ From Badakhshan’s Azure Mine

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2015)


Taliban have been benefiting 100,000 $ from the biggest Azure mine located in Badakhshan Province.

Acting Governor of Badakshan Shah waliullah Adib stated that other terrorist groups trying to reach to Yamgan district and enjoy having Azure stones, Taliban monthly being benefited 100,000 $ from the mine.

Meanwhile police officials in the above mentioned province saying we will not allow anyone to come and extract the mine.

Based on the Security Council decision the extraction of the following mine has been stopped, but still armed illegal gunmen continue to extract and willing to have rout opened from Badakhshan to Punjsher and then to Pakistan.


Badakhshan Police chief Gen, baba jan said,” we have stopped 65 trucks full of Azure stones more than thousands kilo grams of the Azure stones was seized in Baharak district by Police forces, once again security officials have said,” we will not allow anyone to extract the following mine.”


President Ghani who visited Badakhshan Province to pursue details of the Afghan national Army casualties and the whole condition of the province criticized the illegal extraction of the mines saying the economic crimes are the main factors of insecurity across Badakhshan Province.

Reported: Nasrat Parsa

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