Taliban Attack Two Checkpoints in Farah, Killing 43 Soldiers

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2018)

At least 43 Afghan security soldiers were killed and more than ten of them were wounded in Taliban’s attacks on two checkpoints in Farah province, local officials said.

The Farah provincial council head, Farid Bakhtawar declared that the center of province and Balabolok district came under Taliban’s attacks late on Thursday night.

According to Bakhtawar, at first, the Taliban militants collapsed the Dorahi checkpoint of Balabolok district, killing 23 police soldiers. Simultaneously, the Raj checkpoint in central Farah was also collapsed by Taliban, killing at least nine police soldiers and wounding three others.

He further added that during the clashes nine national army soldiers were killed which collectively, at least 43 security soldiers were killed in these incidents.

Afghanistan has seen a surge in attacks in recent months, with militants often targeting state security forces.

Farah province, which borders Iran, is a centre of opium poppy cultivation in western Afghanistan.

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