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Taliban Attack Kills 20 Soldiers in Farah Province

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2019)

At least 20 soldiers were killed after Taliban fighters stormed military outposts in Gulistan district of Farah province, a local official said on Monday.

Dadullah Qani, a member of Farah provincial council told Ariana News that Taliban militants raided on Toot and Chakab outposts of the Afghan army in Gulistan district last night, killing more than 20 soldiers and wounding several others.

Provincial security officials have not made a comment about the report.

However, a Taliban spokesman said in a statement that they have killed 25 soldiers.

He further claimed a large number of weapons and equipment were seized and two soldiers were taken captive.

A day earlier, NATO forces hit Taliban hideouts in Bakwa district of the province.

Provincial police spokesman Muhibullah Muhib said that 18 Taliban militants were killed and 25 others injured in the airstrikes conducted by foreign forces on Sunday.

He added that 53 explosive devices and drug factories were also destroyed during the air-raids.

The latest Taliban attack came despite President Ashraf Ghani’s call for peace and reconciliation during the month of Ramadan.

“I once again call on the Taliban to respect this holy month and address the demand of Afghans for peace and reconciliation which was reflected at the Loya Jirga for peace,” he said.

The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan also urged all warring parties in Afghanistan to halt fighting during the holy month.

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