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Taliban Attack Kills 11 Policemen in Balkh

(Last Updated On: October 1, 2019)

The Taliban insurgents attacked security outposts in northern Balkh province, killing at least 11 policemen, local officials said.

The provincial spokesman, Munir Ahmad Farhad told Ariana News that the militants stormed the outposts in Shortepa district of the province at around 2 am on Monday.

He said at least 11 policemen were killed in clashes with the insurgents.

Adil Shah Adil, a spokesman for Balkh police said that two security outposts were fallen to the hands of the Taliban.

However, the Taliban militant group has claimed in a statement that its fighters have captured the district’s police command and killed 30 soldiers, but local officials said that Afghan army commandos have pushed back the Taliban from the district.

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