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Taliban Are Against Upcoming Presidential Election

(Last Updated On: August 6, 2019)

The Taliban group in a statement on Tuesday oppose the upcoming presidential election and warn that they will prevent holding it.

“Recently, the campaigns have begun for the dramatic election and sessions are being held. The Islamic Emirates’ Mujahedeen will prevent this. Therefore, our civilian countrymen should not go to those sessions and gatherings since the threat of attack and loss exists,” said the Taliban in their statement.

However, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) says that the election and peace should be supported by all.

“We ask all the sides to rethink on their statements and support peace and the election,” said Zarifa Rahimi, an IEC member.

Meanwhile, Din Mohammad Azimi, a member of the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) says that it should be cleared that either peace or election will be prioritized.

Additionally, the electoral observers stress that if the government does not guarantee the people’s security, their participation will be less in the upcoming election.  

“It is the government’s responsibility to guarantee the people’s life security and their presence in the election,” said Yousuf Rashid, Chief of the Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA).

Reacting to the Taliban’s statement, the government, however, says that the Afghan security forces are ready to protect the people from all kinds of threats.

“The Afghan security forces who are the genteel children of this land are completely ready to protect the Afghan people from the threats and never will let anyone take their right away,” said Sediq Sediqi, the Spokesperson to the President.

Moreover, the Office of the Chief Executive also describes the position of the Taliban in terms of the election against the principles of democracy in the country and condemns it.

This comes as the Afghan people will go for the presidential election on September 28th.

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