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Taliban accessed weapon from Kunduz, threats northern provinces

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2015)


A member from the investigative committee assigned for Kunduz has warned that the amount of weapons which Taliban accessed from Kunduz while they had 3 days of control will threat Northern provinces security condition.

Mohammad Ayub Rafiqi said,” Taliban have taken the following ammunition from Afghan security forces while they have left Kunduz city to Taliban, about 30 Amvees four wheeled Drive tanks, some ammunition from heavy and light type.”

He also mentioned that if the following weapons don’t get back to Afghanistan military hands it will create more insecurity in Northern part of the country.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Interior Affairs Sediq Sediqee has rejected the numbers of the tanks to Taliban hands but do confirmed that some amount of weapons were accessed by Taliban while they were in Kunduz city.

Mr, Sediqee also mentioned that those tanks which were accessed by Taliban will be hard for them to move it somewhere, searching unit continues to find them all but Taliban may have taken them to a place where they can use it to destroyed.

Taliban have controlled Kunduz city for 3 days and killed dozens residents, destroyed several residential areas, and have taken some military weapons left behind from Afghan security forces as booty, therefore fighting continues for several days a question remains that when will Afghan security forces will be able to retake those weapons taken by Taliban in Kunduz city.

Reported by Rafi Sediqee

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