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Taliban Abducts Employees of Electoral Commissions in Parwan

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2019)

Taliban militants have abducted 15 electoral observers in northern Parwan province, an official said on Sunday.

Abdul Qahar Wahab Safi, the Chief of IEC’s Provincial Office in Parwan told Ariana News that seven staff members of the IEC commission, a member of the Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) and seven electoral observers of the presidential candidates were abducted by Taliban militants.

However, provincial governor spokesperson Wahida Shahkar said that only eight staff members of the electoral commissions were kidnapped by Taliban while they were going home from polling centers.

She added that tribal elders are mediating for the release of these people but if Taliban refuses the government will use from military force.

Shinwari where the incident has occurred is among the insecure districts in Parwan province where the Taliban group is actively operating.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports suggested that seven members of the election commission were abducted from the capital Kabul as well.

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