Takhar on Verge of Collapse, Say Kabul Protesters

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2019)

Dozens of civil society activists staged a protest in Kabul on Thursday, warning that Takhar’s provincial capital Taleqan City is on the verge of collapse.

Protesters claimed that the Taleqan City is surrounded by Taliban militants.

Afghan forces and Taliban militants are battling in the outskirts of the city since a week.

A civil society activist from Takhar province claimed that if the central government neglect a huge disaster will happen.

“Takhar is a strategic province. It is on the verge of collapse. Several districts fall to the hand of insurgents,” said Sayed Ulfat, a civil society activist.

“Taleqan City is under siege,” said Nasir Rostaee, a protester.

“Security forces have been deployed but they have not received the order to launch operations,” said Nabiullah, another protester.

However, a senior military official said that Taliban militants have been pushed back from the outskirts of the City.

General Yasin Zia, Afghan deputy defense minister who is leading the military operation in Takhar province, said that the security forces are conducting their operation with accuracy to avoid civilian casualties.

“As you can see, the security situation is normal. The enemies have retreated and there is no threat,” Mr. Zia said.

“There is no threat over Taleqan City. A joint military operation is underway in the province and will continue until there is no threat,” said Nusrat Rahimi, the interior ministry spokesman.

This comes as the Taliban militants have gained ground in parts of Takhar province including Khawaja Ghar, Baharak and Chah Ab district since several days and are fighting Afghan forces.

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