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Takhar Ay-Khanoom Port Collapses to Taliban

(Last Updated On: June 30, 2018)

Afghan local officials say the Ay-Khanoom port in the Dasht-e Qala district of Takhar province has collapsed into the hands of Taliban group.

The weak management of local officials and Police leadership is said to be the main reason that each day a part of province witnesses clashes or collapse.

The spokesman of Takhar governor, Sunatullah Teymori stated that the Taliban militants have seized all the equipment and facilities of port and burned down a number of vehicles.

“The militants burned down 5 rangers, two Humvee tanks and the building of the district and seized a tank, one ranger and other equipment of the port,” Teymori added.

Teymori noted that at least six border Police were captured, two people were killed and two soldiers were wounded in the incident.

Located on the west part of Dasht-e-Qala district, Aai Khanum is a low-income port where businessmen invested less due to road failure, lack of a well-maintained bridge over the river to Tajikistan.

Civil society activists also considered the neglect of the local officials as a reason for increased Taliban movements and call on the government to pay serious attention to the security situation of the province.

The Taliban attack comes at a time when the Taliban group has recently attacked a border police checkpoint in Chah Aub area where 16 soldiers were killed and six other border police were held captive by the group.

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