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Russia to possibly produce anti-COVID19 drug

The Russian Federal Biomedical Agency claims it has found an effective treatment for coronavirus patients based on an antimalarial drug called Mefloquine. On Saturday, Russia announced that it has created a drug, based on the antimalarial ‘Mefloquine’, to treat coronavirus patients. The agency said in a statement, “The drug prevents …

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Russia concerned over Afghan election controversy

Russia is concerned about the controversy around the results of the presidential election in Afghanistan, which could further worsen the political situation in the country, said the Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on February 20th. Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said on February 20, “On February 18, the Afghanistan …

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Russia Calls for Removal of Taliban From UN Blacklist

The Russian Embassy in Kabul says Moscow considers the Afghan Taliban as a “political force” and that ready to remove the armed group’s name from its own blacklist. Describing the Afghan government as “Kabul State”, the Russian deputy ambassador to Afghanistan Albert Khorev on Thursday criticized the Afghan government leaders’ stand against the …

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