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Elections 2019: IEC Stops Recount Process

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) decided to stop the partial recount process early on Wednesday afternoon. In a statement, IEC said, assessing the complaints of presidential candidates, political parties and civil society organizations were the reason behind the decision. This comes after several presidential candidates boycotted the process. Supporters of …

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Major Candidates Boycott Vote Recounting Process

On Saturday, Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission (IEC), officially launched the recounting process for votes that have been deemed ‘suspicious.’ However, electoral campaigns of Abdullah Abdullah, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, and Rahmatullah Nabil have boycotted the recount process. IEC Chief Secretariat, Habib-Ul-Rahman Nang, told Ariana News that the commission is fully prepared to …

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Candidates Criticize Recent Disorders in IEC

A number of presidential candidates on Tuesday expressed their concerns regarding the vote counting process and the recent chaos in the Independent Election Commission’s (IEC) main office. Presidential candidate Shahab Hakimi said that tensions between Ghani’s State-Builder campaign and Abdullah’s Stability and Partnership team have created obstacles in way of …

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