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Armed robberies rising – Kabul

Increased criminal activities in Kabul have made more than 500 casualties recently, the MPs underline that the police have been failed in the security measures. The criminal activities in Kabul have been increased excessively. The situation has almost gone out of police control. Reports indicate the number of victims 10 …

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Police Accused of Mistreating Lawmakers

A number of Afghan lawmakers on Monday criticized the government a day after Kabul police launched a major crackdown on black tinted vehicles, mostly related to the lawmakers and powerful figures. Speaking at the general session of the House, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, a member of parliament from Badakhshan province, claimed …

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Police Surround Afghan-Turk School in Kabul

Afghan police surrounded the Afghan-Turk High School building in the capital Kabul city early on Friday morning. Kabul police forces do not allow anyone to enter or leave the school premises. According to police, they have orders to hand over the school to the Turkish government. Meanwhile, a number of …

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District Police Chief, 3 Taliban Militants Killed in Paktika

An Afghan security official was killed and three soldiers were wounded in a Taliban attack in eastern Paktika province, a local official said on Wednesday. Shah Mohammad Aryan, a spokesman for Paktika police told Ariana News that the Taliban militants ambushed police chief of Barmal district in Yahyakhel district of …

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