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Ghani Blamed of Limiting Lawmaker’s Authorities

Afghan presidential palace is not allowing parliamentarians to monitor the performance of the government institutions, a number of lawmakers claimed on Wednesday. Several lawmakers claimed that President Ashraf Ghani has not allowed a delegation of parliament to monitor the customs activities. “A delegation was assigned by the Lower House of …

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MPs Accuse Security Officials Of Poor Management

The lawmakers in the lower house of parliament accuse the senior security officials of being weak in terms of managing the security situation in the country.  The parliament in its second general session included the security and causalities increase in its agenda and summoned the security officials for responsiveness. “According …

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Rahmani Is the Legal House Speaker: MPs

A number of lawmakers on Saturday reiterated that Mir Rahman Rahmani is the House Speaker and the decision has been rectified by the majority of the lawmakers. According to the lawmakers, specific circles are trying to ignite tensions in order to create more challenges for their personal benefit. Ziauddin Zia, …

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