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Deadly Attacks Provoke MPs Harsh Reactions

Afghan parliamentarians on Wednesday harshly criticized the intelligence forces for yesterday’s deadly attacks in several provinces of Afghanistan which left dozens killed and more than hundred others wounded. “It is a pity that more than four-hundred people were killed or wounded in a day. This is a catastrophe and the …

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MPs Demand Summoning President to Parliament

The Lower House of Parliament says President monopolies all authorities and should be summoned to parliament based on the constitutions. Parliament members declared that the cabinet of the government are incompetent authorities and the main responsive of the current challenges, particularly the mass killings is the President who should give …

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MOUD Projects Under MPs Scrutiny

A number of Parliament members say the Ministry of Urban Development does not have the capability to take the responsibility of the implementation of development projects and President’s order is contrary to the constitution. The Afghan lawmakers say budget is a law itself and President has changed the budget contrary …

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