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Police Mistreat Some Journalists in Kabul

Some of the journalists and cameramen of the media including Ariana News were mistreated by the Kabul Police on Friday while covering an incident. They say that one of the Kabul Police senior officer’ bodyguards mistreated and abused them while they were covering the police raid on Ataturk High School …

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Police Surround Afghan-Turk School in Kabul

Afghan police surrounded the Afghan-Turk High School building in the capital Kabul city early on Friday morning. Kabul police forces do not allow anyone to enter or leave the school premises. According to police, they have orders to hand over the school to the Turkish government. Meanwhile, a number of …

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Ghani Orders Opening of Institution to Control, Treat Cancer

Around 20,000 Afghan citizens are suffering from cancer annually while 80 percent of the cancer patients lose their lives in Afghanistan, officials said on Sunday. Speaking at the “National Symposium on Fighting Against Cancer” in Kabul, the Chairwomen of Afghanistan Medical Council Dr. Nasrin Oryakhail said that the World Health …

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