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Most Dangerous Daesh Group Arrested in Kabul: NDS

The most ‘dangerous Daesh network’  was arrested by the National Directorate of Security (NDS) in Kabul city . The arrested individuals were identified as  Mohammad Sharif with alias name of (Ajmal, Nasir, and Jaffar), Abdul Wahid and Saber Khan. In a statement released on Thursday September 12, the NDS said …

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Ghani Condemns Attack on Wedding Hall in Kabul

President Ghani condemned the suicide attack on a wedding hall in the west of Kabul on late Saturday night, saying, the Taliban cannot escape from blaming by condemning the attack since they themselves provide the opportunity for the terrorists’ activities. In a statement released by the Presidential Palace on Sunday, …

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140 Couples Marry in Mass Wedding in Kabul

A large wedding ceremony was held on Friday in the capital Kabul, where 140 couples get married. The wedding was planned by Hazrat-e-AbulFazl organization in western Kabul city. The couples attending the ceremony said that holding such ceremonies are aimed to cut back on lavish expenses of wedding parties.    “I am …

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Drug Distributors Kill Kabul Resident

The armed drug distributors shot a resident of Qala-e-Ali Mardan area in PD1 of Kabul city during a verbal contention two days before the Eid-ul-Adha. The victim’s family members say that Naqebullah was killed in front of his father and two children’s eyes after he asked the drug distributors to …

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