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Abdullah’s Campaign Calls for Invalidation of 300,000 Fraudulent Biometric Votes

The Stability and Partnership campaign led by Abdullah Abdullah has called on the Independent Electoral Commissions to invalidate 300,000 fraudulent biometric votes which are still in the server. Noor Rahman Akhlaqi, a senior member of Abdullah’s electoral team told a press conference on Monday that the suspicious votes include cases …

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Candidates Criticize Recent Disorders in IEC

A number of presidential candidates on Tuesday expressed their concerns regarding the vote counting process and the recent chaos in the Independent Election Commission’s (IEC) main office. Presidential candidate Shahab Hakimi said that tensions between Ghani’s State-Builder campaign and Abdullah’s Stability and Partnership team have created obstacles in way of …

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Supporters of Ghani’s State-Builder Team Call for Validation of Non-Biometric Votes

A number of political parties who supported Ashraf Ghani’s State-Builder team in the Afghan presidential election called on the electoral commissions to validate non-biometric votes. Members of these parties held a press conference on Wednesday in Kabul where they claimed that invalidation of non-biometric votes is a conspiracy. “If they …

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IECC Starts Probing Electoral Complaints

Afghanistan’s Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) has started probing electoral complaints in its Kabul office. Initially, a technical team is categorizing the complaints and then they are asking the complainant and the opposite side to prove the good from the bad by providing supporting documents. Finally, the team will add …

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