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Taliban Agrees On One Week Ceasefire

Mullah Hebatullah, the leader of the Taliban, agreed to a one-week ceasefire while signing the peace agreement with the US, said sources close to the Taliban. While the Taliban leaders and representatives were negotiating the ceasefire in Afghanistan, it is now reported that they have agreed on a one-week ceasefire. …

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Moscow Meeting Ends with No Breakthrough on Ceasefire

The Moscow meeting between the Taliban representatives and Afghan politicians ended without a breakthrough on ceasefire. A joint statement released on Thursday following the two days of informal talks between the two sides. Both sides discussed continuing of the intra-Afghan dialogues, ceasefire, the release of prisoners, protection of civilians, foreign …

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Religious Scholars Call for Immediate Ceasefire

Dozens of religious scholars at a gathering on Wednesday called on the warring parties in Afghanistan to halt fighting and agree to an immediate ceasefire. Expressing concerns regarding increased violence in the country, the religious scholars demanded the Afghan government and the Taliban insurgent group to stop fighting. “We are …

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