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Using Biometric Tech in Election Process Is Time-Consuming: ARG

Presidential Palace (ARG) has rejected the proposed plan of the political parties on using biometric technology in upcoming parliamentary and district council elections, saying usage of a biometric system is time-consuming and will prevent having timely elections.  Changing the election system, allowing political parties to oversee the election process and the …

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Minister Usmani Faces Travel Ban at Kabul Airport

The Presidential Palace (ARG) has apparently ordered travel ban against Minister of Energy and Water Ali Ahmad Usmani from leaving Kabul. Based on Ariana News findings, ARG’s travel ban-order against Usmani came after the Minister was about to leave Kabul for inauguration of power stab-station in Khulm district  of northern …

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Bio-Registration for e-NIC Resumes in ARG

Bio registration for electronic Identity Card (e-NIC) resumed in Presidential Palace (ARG) after a week delay, the Population Registration Department said Sunday. Rohullah Ahmadzai, Spokesman of the department said that 600 people including government officials have completed the biometric process and their names have been entered in the database. The …

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