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Time to bring US troops home: Trump

US President Donald Trump said that it is time “to bring our people back home,” following the signing of US-Taliban agreement for bringing peace to Afghanistan.   Addressing a press conference in White House, Trump said that the US would reduce its forces in Afghanistan approximately to 8600, “and then …

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Abdullah: Taliban should prove will for peace

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah says that since the beginning of the ‘violence reduction’ term, the laterals in conflict should show their practice in action. Abdullah in the cabinets’ meeting today, 17th Feb, said that practicing the ‘violence reduction’, could build trust between the parties involved to bring peace. According to …

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China Peace Conference Likely to Be Cancelled

The long-awaited intra-Afghan peace conference between the Taliban and prominent politicians including Afghan government which was set to be held in China might be cancelled, a source close to the Taliban insurgent group said on Tuesday. Abdul Salaam Zaeef, a former Taliban official, told Ariana News that Taliban has showed …

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