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Abdullah Reacts to Intra-Afghan Meeting of Moscow

Reacting to the Intra-Afghan meeting in Moscow, Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive of the country, said on Saturday that no changes have come in the Taliban’s position and they still stress on continuing the war.  “No change has come in their position and it means that the still this catastrophe …

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CEO Abdullah Boycotts Consultative Peace Jirga

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah said on Sunday that he will not participate at the Grand Consultative Peace Jirga which is expected to be held on April 29. In a statement released on Sunday, Abdullah said that he was not consulted about the consultative peace meeting. According to Afghanistan’s Chief Executive, …

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CE Abdullah Urges Gov’t Advisors Not to Meddle in Ministers’ Affairs

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah says the influence of government advisors shouldn’t tarnish the performances of ministers and weaken the institutions, urging the advisers not to meddle in affairs of the ministers. Addressing the Council of Ministers meeting, Abdullah said the ministers receiving vote of confidence from the parliament, and that ministers’ performances …

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Imposing Pressure on IEC Commissioners Is ‘Unacceptable’: Abdullah

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah says threatening and imposing pressures on election commission members are “illegal” and unacceptable”. Speaking at Council of Ministers meeting on Monday, Abdullah said that the move to stamp copies of IDs of people who have registered to vote was a proposed plan suggested for ensuring safety of the citizens …

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CE Abdullah Optimistic about Tashkent Conference

The Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has expressed optimism over the progress and result of a two-day international conference on Afghan Peace talks in Uzbekistan’s capital Tashkent. “Following the second Kabul peace conference, we hope that the Tashkent international conference can help Afghanistan to reach a stable peace and prosperity,” Abdullah …

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