Tabulate Withdrawing of US forces from Afghanistan big Mistake: McCain

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2015)


Tabulate Withdrawing of US Troops from Afghanistan has been big mistake of US Government committed in Afghanistan US Senator John Mc Cain during a press conference held at US Embassy Kabul Afghanistan.

Mr. McCain has insisted the process should have began after the confirmation and consultation of Afghan military experts ,observing the current condition of Afghanistan.

US republican Senator John McCain stated that Taliban has proved their capabilities on war of Terror in Afghanistan ,they could insecure any parts of Afghanistan, including the capital city anytime they want.

John McCain while visited Kabul cit y has reviewed the security condition of Afghanistan said,” ISIS (Daesh) is still counted as one of the serious threats to Afghan Government and my country will never leave Afghanistan alone in this situation.”

He has said,” based on the reports that Iranian arms being shipped to the Taliban,our concerns are about the Eastern parts of Afghanistan as well,and of course this new phenomenon authorise of ISIS one thing which that armed group has proven is to attract the Young in their banner.”

US republican Senator Mr, McCain added that US Republicans will stay committed towards Afghanistan in case they win the upcoming Presidential Election.

He also said.” We cant lose the gain which has been made from the sacrifice brave Americans and Afghans,we must continue to support the efforts of Afghans to achieve a long lasting peace, and Afghanistan never become a safe heavens for International Terrorism Networks, we must make sure that Democracy and peace are achieved.”

John stated that his Government will provide long lasting supports to Afghanistan,earlier the advisors from Hillary Clinton and US secretary of state  Kerry had said there strong strategy combating terrorism in place for Afghanistan,in case the Republicans win the Election,it will declare the Afghanistan stance against Pakistan.

Reported by Mohammad Milad Sekandari

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