Survey Suggests 61 Percent of Herat Residents Won’t Vote in Elections

(Last Updated On: February 11, 2018)

A recent survey by Ariana News shows that around 61 percent of residents in Herat province will not vote in the upcoming elections.

Ariana News survey findings indicate that insecurity, intervention of the government and parties in the electoral process are the main concerns of Herat inhabitants.

According to the survey; 61 percent of people in Herat do not want to vote due to the tensions in the previous Presidential election.

46 percent of people say fraud and corruption in the previous elections are the main reason of not voting.

59 percent for insecurity and 33 percent for the intervention of local commanders.

The survey also says that 65 percent of Herat residents do not believe in the elections and 69 percent do not believe in transparency of its process.

37 percent of women cannot vote due to the family limitations.

36 percent of people call for the role of parties in the elections and 38 percent do not believe in electoral campaigns.

Ariana News survey has completed in 15 days with the distribution of 2 thousand questionnaires in Herat city and districts.

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